Movie Star Cards

Misc movie cards and postcards featuring Nils Asther.

The movie cards below are general ones that I could not tie in with any particular film. For cards that directly promote his various films click the tabs at the top of the blog where they are arranged by date. 

Movie cards, or cigarette cards, were usually issued by tobacco manufacturers both to stiffen the cigarette packet and as a form of advertising. As well as movie stars, they would feature sportsmen, military leaders, and other people in the news. 
Issuers of cigarette cards featuring Nils Asther included: Iris Verlag in Austria, Ross Verlag and Europe in Germany, Aguila in Uruguay, La Mascota in Tenerife and Players In the US.

Sometimes larger sized postcards of stars were also sold, some with a pre-printed 'signature'.

postcard with pre-printed signature

the same postcard with both the pre-printed signature and signed in ink above
reverse of the above Player's card
English card

from a Player's cigarette card album - click image to read biography
 reverse of the above Player's card

reverse of the above card, issued by Aguila in Uruguay


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