Friday, 26 August 2011

Nils Asther and dogs

I noticed that there are quite a few pictures of Nils Asther with dogs.

German cigarette card, Ross Verlag

MGM publicity shot by Ruth Harriet Louise, probably 1927.
This appears to be the same dog, but older, so perhaps it was his own.

Asther's first American film, Topsy and Eva, 1927. Asther is top left.
The St Bernard at the front took part in the film and belonged to Vivian Duncan, later Asther's wife, middle left.

Storm at Daybreak, 1933
'Nils Asther takes time out to play with his new pet, eight month old Great Dane, Eric.'
 Son of Lassie, 1945
Laddie (son of Lassie), Nils Asther, Peter Lawford

Asther spent most of his scenes in this film playing against the lead canine star, supposedly rescuing Laddie from the Nazis, and then tending to the dog, spoon feeding him and generally lolling around on the floor of their Norwegian hut together (actually filmed in Banff National Park, Canada). Asther seemed right at home.

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